Are you thinking about building a home?

Thinking about it? It is the American Dream to own your own home … and many people think they will save an enormous amount of money by building their own. This could be a costly mistake financially, emotionally and physically. Many aspects need to be considered and the purpose of this this information is to help you think about avoiding some of the pitfalls inexperienced builders fall into, and what you should do to make this a successful undertaking. There are several questions you will need to answer. Our hope is that you will be helped by the publication: The ABC's (and More!) of Building Your Own Home . . . (pdf).

Ask yourself …

The lowest price isn't always your best deal. This is a long-term investment, not a disposable purchase!

The lowest price isn't always your best deal. This is a long-term investment, not a disposable purchase!

  • Do I really have the time to undertake a project so time consuming?
  • Is any savings worth the time I will need to invest in this undertaking?
  • How much more will we pay in rent or mortgage payments on our existing home until the new home is completed?
  • How stressful will it be on my family?
  • Do I really have the skills to build a home properly?
  • Do I have the correct tools for those jobs I plan to do? If not, how much money will I spend on those tools? Will I use them again once the home is completed?

Your home is the single biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Do you have the expertise to make sure this home will last you a lifetime and provide the future resale value you'll need? Do you really want to gamble with something this important?

Working with an experienced, licensed and insured General Contractor can save you significant time in the overall construction process. They have ongoing working relationships with all the subcontractors needed to get your house built safely and efficiently. And their experience means even the tiniest details will all be handled, giving your new home the WOW factor a new home should have.

After reading this pamphlet about the The ABC's (and More!) of Building Your Own Home . . . (pdf), contact the Heart of the North Builders Association to find a professional, experienced builder.

More Information...

The National Association of Home Builders has a wealth of information available to consumers.

Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code (pdf)
Important information on Wisconsin's Uniform Dwelling Code. This brochure is meant to assist homeowners and builders in getting started in designing and building a code-complying home.